My new erotic romance novel, To Be a Man, is scheduled to be published by Beachwalk Press in August 2014! 

About To Be a Man:

As a race car driver, Demetrius Gallo was a man’s man.  He was the one who protected his little brother, who put him through college and law school, who gave him a future.  Now that Demetrius can no longer drive professionally, he has become unmoored, unable to define himself as the man he once was.  To add insult to injury, Demetrius is in a devastating car accident that completes what the end of his career began.  It destroys his definition of himself as a man.


Demetrius’s injuries force him to depend on his brother, Antonis, for full time care.  When Demetrius convinces Antonis to return to his law practice, Antonis hires a home health aide, Sutton Jones. Sutton, a beautiful, stubborn woman, is the perfect antidote to Demetrius’s self-pity.  But Sutton has secrets, secrets that threaten to destroy not only Demetrius’s newfound sense of self, but the bond with his brother that goes much deeper than the typical brotherly relationship.


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