New Story!

Hi Faithful Readers!!

Just a heads up to let you know I’ve released a new short story on Amazon…Throwaway Lover….the brief description is listed below. This was a story written as part of my freelancing career, so it was written to a specific formula that is a little different from my usual fare. It was supposed to be the first of four stories. However, the client backed out after this first one was written and allowed me to retain rights. His loss, your gain!

I hope you enjoy it. Let me know what you think. If you would like to see the story continue….leave a note down below and I will be quite happy to continue Ruth and Sterling’s story!

Ruth is a hard driven lawyer with no time for lovers. The only man in her life is her hard to please father who, as it so happens, just married for the fifth time. On top of Ruth’s duties at his law firm, her father has asked her to watch over the construction of the home he is having built for his new wife.

Ruth is called to the construction site to handle a problem. While there, she meets Sterling, a rugged Texas cowboy who seems to be everything Ruth’s former roommate once looked for in a throwaway lover: a pliable, controllable man who is so far off the radar as far as suitable mates might go that he could only provide fun and games for a busy, professional woman.

Ruth finds herself eager to seduce Sterling, but a little lost on the correct way to go about it. Little does she know that Sterling is not what he appears to be….


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